Valentine's Organza Gift 1


Valentine's Organza Gift One, a quartet of small goodies packed inside a pretty Burgundy Organza Bag. Makes a cute Valentine's Day gift at just $19.95!

Kali Eau de Parfum 0.24floz in a refillable, purse-size Crystal Atomizer
Kali Dusting Powder 1.5oz
Firm-It Gel 1.7oz
Loving Body Cream 1.7oz

Exquisitely scented. Our Eau De Parfum is richly fragranced with 20% KALI Oil made from 100% essential oils. There are no synthetic oils used in this masterful blend. The brilliant top note finds it's signature in a sunny bouquet of living fruit and flowers notes...inspired by my beautiful flower gardens and personal floral arrangements. Delicate Lily-of-the-Valley and green hyacinth offer light floralcy...combined with ethereal peony. A cool, fresh air accord mingled with hints of herbs bring a soft, natural element to the heart of the fragrance. It's complex touch of oriental and amber notes bring sensuality, warmth and long lastingness.

We have captured the exquisite scent of Kali in our luxurious dusting powder that refreshes the skin after a bath or shower. After your shower or relaxing bath, gently towel dry and treat yourself by dusting your body with this Kali scented talc, its like silk to the touch and will leave skin fresh and soft. This 1.5oz shaker is made for traveling and it TSA-approved for airline travel.

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