Loving Body Cream 8oz


We call it nature's raincoat and body sealer. Loving Body Cream is designed to protect your body from the day to day elements and pollutants that can damage the skin. Enriched with nature's finest ingredients, this body cream protects while it moisturizes and tones the skin. It can be used alone as a body moisturizer, or in conjunction with the Firm-It for a well balanced cellulite reduction program. Either way, you'll feel the difference. Loving Body Cream leaves skin with a beautiful, healthy glow. It is formulated with rich emollients including coconut and wheat germ oil and special restorative extracts, locks in moisture so skin is left feeling soft & supple.

Benefits: Glycerin - Seals the skin, locking in moisture while lubricating and emulsifying the cuticle layer of skin. Vitamin E - Heals and soothes the skin to its natural perfection. Cucumber Extract - It is soothing to the skin. It protects and preserves, always leaves you refreshed. Allantoin - Stimulates growth of healthy skin tissues and heals the skin.

How to Use: Once the firming lotion is dry, smooth Loving Body Cream generously over your entire body and you're ready to start your day. The final step in our cellulite reduction program.

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