Improved with nutrient-rich marine collagen and marine elastin and a gentle, clean allergy-free aloe scent. The new & improved COLLAGEN SKIN QUENCHER is a thicker gel that works incredibly with The Forever Spring Time Machine or on clean skin for oil-free hydration. New formula is paraben-free.

Collagen Skin Quencher 4oz & Baby Soft Facial Clay 4oz Duet

Collagen Skin Quencher is a soothing, cooling gel enriched with collagen and formulated with elastin and aloe vera. This absorbent gel nourishes skin with a natural protein that helps improve skin's resilience and elasticity leaving skin with a healthy, youthful glow. Use together with our Time Machine for a facial treatment that exercises facial muscles and aids in circulation and product absorption.

Our Baby Soft Facial Clay is made from two types of clay, Kaolin (pure China clay ) and Bentonite, both of which are renowned agents for detoxifying and drawing out impurities from the skin. With soothing ingredients including glycerin, collagen and cucumber extract, Baby Soft Facial Clay not just deeply cleanses, but it also leaves skin baby soft.

Use Baby Soft Facial Clay first. Then follow with Collagen Skin Quencher.

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