Mandarin Trio


Luscious and energizing! This cute Trio includes three delightful products perfect for the start of the day.

Say good morning to a sensual, soothing, 30-second power boost to your skin's oxygen supply with Mandarin Liposome Oxygen Booster! This luscious serum is made with tiny liposomes that carry oxygen, antioxidants, and moisturizers to the lower layers of the epidermis leaving skin nourished and glowing. These special ingredients fight against the free radicals that contribute to signs of premature aging and they will deliver nourishment to each and every cell. Liposomes, the most effective delivery system, work together with Glycoproteins (Revitalin-BT), Mandarin Orange Extract, Bee Pollen, and Phospholipids to prepare your skin for the day.

This Trio also includes a beautifully scented Cocowax Candle from Voluspa - one of Connie's favorites! Candle is a 4oz, hand poured luxury candle and will arrive in one of these scents: Macaron, Saijo Persimmon, or Prosecco Bellini. Sorry, scents are shipped assorted but all are deliciously scented and Connie approved!

And also included in this Trio is our shining gem - Ginseng Facial Feed 1.7oz!


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