Spring Radiance Collection


This Spring Radiance Collection includes 6 chosen products all designed to make you radiant and all gifted inside a charming Bronze Tin Planter.


Honey Almond Apricot Scruffer 4oz
Ambrosia Skin Refresher 4oz
Mandarin Liposome Oxygen Booster 1oz
Under Eye Radiance 0.5oz
Vitamin E Oil Spray 2oz
Spring Shine Hair Serum 1oz

Say good morning to a simple, soothing, sensual 30-second power boost to your skin's oxygen supply with our Mandarin Liposome Oxygen Booster. Leaves skin nourished and glowing. Made with tiny liposomes that carry oxygenated water, antioxidants, and other moisturizers to the lower layers of the epidermis. These liposomes travel to the targeted areas, burst, and deliver an instant hydrating 'drink', fighting free radicals that contribute to the signs of premature aging, and delivering nourishment to each and every cell. Liposomes, the most efficient skin care delivery system, work together with Glycoproteins (Revitalin-BT), Mandarin Orange Extract, Bee Pollen, and Phospholipids to prepare your skin for its daily regimen.

Find the secret to beautiful, shimmering hair with Connie Stevens secret Spring Shine. Formulated with Silk Amino Acids and Panthenol (Provitamin B5). Give your hair an incredible healthy sheen with Connie Stevens secret Spring Shine. This exquisite formula is light in texture as it enriches the body without changing the styling of your hair.

A unique blend of 28,000 IU vitamin E and elastomer silicones that allow for a convenient spray application to the skin. Restores and moisturizes dry, wrinkled, and chapped skin. Promotes healing.Pump oil desired amount directly on the problem skin area. Gently massage, if necessary, until absorption is complete.

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