Travel tubes of Collagen Skin Quencher will be out of stock until late 2020. Because of this, our Summer Facial offer has been revised! Details below.

Summer Facial Bag of Tubes 8-Piece, a collection of travel-size essentials all TSA-approved sizes for airplane carry-on. This collection focuses on deep cleansing and pore refining.

2 Collagen Facial Cleanser 1.7oz tubes, deeply cleaning and deeply refreshing

2 Honey Almond Apricot Scruffer 1.7oz, the perfect exfoliating aid

2 Baby Soft Facial Clay 1.7 oz tubes, our pure kaolin clay mask for deep pore cleaning and tightening

2 Ginseng Facial Feed 1.7oz, a vitamin and antioxidant packed super moisturizer

All conveniently packaged together inside a zippered, vinyl travel bag.

Now with Terry Cloth Headband.

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