Anniversary Overnighter


The best of Forever Spring...

12 superb skin care products for face & body packed inside Connie's signature terry cloth Overnighter Cache.

Collagen Facial Cleanser 1.7oz
Ambrosia Skin Refresher 4oz
Collagen Skin Quencher 1.7oz
Ginseng Facial Feed 1.7oz
Retrieve for the Face 1oz
Mandarin Liposome Oxygen Booster 1oz
Loving Body Cream 1.7oz
Foaming Body Polish 4oz
Body Satin Massage Oil 4oz
Pair Green Textured Exfoliating Bath Gloves
Sense of Spring Body Dust 1.7oz
Premier Soft & Hydrating Hand Creme 3.4oz
Inside our Overnighter Cache

Say good morning to a simple, soothing, sensual 30 second power boost to your skin's oxygen supply with our Mandarin Liposome Oxygen Booster. This penetrating serum leaves skin nourished and glowing. Made with tiny liposomes that carry oxygenated water, antioxidants, and other moisturizers to the lower layers of the epidermis. The liposomes travel to the target areas, burst and deliver an instant hydrating 'drink', fighting free radicals and delivering nourishment to each and every cell. Liposomes, the most efficient skin care delivery system, work together with Glycoproteins (Revitalin-BT®), Mandarin Orange Extract, Bee Pollen, and Phospholipids to prepare your skin for its daily regimen.

Premier Soft & Hydrating Hand Crème is luxuriously enriched with acclaimed Dead Sea minerals. We import this specially formulated crème from Israel and believe wholeheartedly in its healing & skin renewing potential. There's no other product on the market that will absorb instantly into your skin, leaving behind no traces of oil, while completely hydrating skin instantly and continually. With a clean, light scent hands are left velvet soft.

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